Piston Type Sampling Valves

Sampling valves are used to draw a live sample from a process, and frequent sampling of chemical and refinery products is a necessary function during the manufacturing process. However, many of these samples are currently taken into open containers with little or no safety measures to protect operators from product overage or accidental spills. Strahman has the solution: Sampling Valves that extract fluid directly from the pipeline, taking samples without failure – even under high pressure or high vacuum conditions.

For almost 100 years, Strahman Valves has been a pioneer and leader in the Sampling Valve industry by first developing the Piston-Type Sampling Valve Series. At the time, the unique design of dual sealing rings was truly innovative and set Strahman apart from other valve manufacturers. The quality and integrity of manufacturing excellence continues to set us apart from the competition, providing Strahman customers with a long lasting, reliable product that works for years with trouble-free performance.

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