Pivot Pro Swivel Connector

Pivot Pro Swivel Connector

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This ergonomic adapter has a 360° swivel rotation that will

  • Decrease stress on hose connections to extend hose life
  • Decrease stress on the nozzle connection to extend nozzle life
  • Allow up to 30% faster dish cleaning time with increased nozzle control
  • Maximize safety, performance and comfort with lower stress on your dishwasher’s joints

The Pivot Pro is constructed of all stainless steel. Combine it with our Super-Reinforced pre-rinse hose and either our Kwik Clean 3 or Vari-Spray pre-rinse spray nozzle and you will have the market’s only ergonomic pre-rinse station that will maximize operating performance while minimizing use of water, sewage, energy, labor, and most important…TIME.


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