Super-Reinforced Armor-Clad Pre-Rinse Hose

Super-Reinforced Armor-Clad Pre-Rinse Hose

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36" Super-Reinforced Armor-Clad Pre-Rinse Hose


A pre-rinse hose is just another hose unless it is Strahman. Our superior design consists of an armor-clad outer hose along with a second, armor-clad inner spring for a second layer of or reinforcement, making our hoses last two to three times longer. This stainless steel reinforced design prevents crimping at the hose ends where inner hose materials break down and competitor’s products begin to leak. What does this mean to you?

Our pre-rinse hoses hold up under the tension and bending you expect in restaurants busy dish area. In a bending test, the competition's hose split after only 3,500 cycles, while Strahman’s hose was as good as new after more than 40,000 cycles. Along with their incredible durability, our hose incorporates patent pending swivel connections at both ends, allowing easy screw-on and screw-off, rather than twisting a standard inflexible joint which could damage the connection.

Combine our Super-Reinforced pre-rinse hose with either our Kwik Clean 3 or Vari-Spray nozzle and our Pivot Pro adapter, and you will have a complete package of superior pre-rinse products to save you hassle, time and money.


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