Kwik Clean 3® Handle Assembly

Kwik Clean 3® Handle Assembly

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Strahman Valves, Inc. has invented the world's best pre-rinse handle.

For 90 years, the Strahman name has been the wash down equipment standard for the pharmaceutical, beverage and food processing industries. We have earned our reputation for high quality, durable and cost-effective equipment. And now we have done it again! Our engineers have taken our world-best industrial-strength washdown technology and applied it to a pre-rinse product line for commercial food service kitchens for the restaurant, hotel, cafeteria and institutional markets.

Best Material: All stainless steel, no coated brass

Best Insulation: Durable rubber (no cracking plastic)

Best Construction: The only single-piece construction on the market. No welds = no leaks.

Will fit all competitive nozzles and hoses; adapters may be required.


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